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What kind of yoga is this class?
This class is Kundalini Yoga practiced in a chair. Most yoga in our culture is Hatha yoga which focuses on the physical limb of yoga (asana). Hatha practitioners leave class with a deeper connection to their bodies, muscular flexibility, strength, relaxation, concentration, and overall well-being and health.

Kundalini Yoga uses breath, yogic postures and meditation to help maintain a healthy spine helping to strengthen the nervous and glandular systems. Each class can help one become aware of much more than just the strength of the body. It helps to facilitate a change physically as well as emotionally and spiritually. Kundalini Yoga is yoga for the mind, body, and spirit. It is a science of the breath and movement. Kundalini yoga brings you inside yourself for the answers instead of seeking outside yourself for the answers.

What is chair yoga?
Chair yoga is practiced seated in a chair, on a sofa, or even on the floor on a mat. It does not require a lot of transitions between standing and sitting. It has a lot of options for exercise modifications to help with various limititations of the student. It can be practiced by almost any one. Only someone whose doctor restricts them from such gentle movements cannot practice this type of yoga.

I have neck and back problems. Can I do this form of yoga?
It's important that you discuss this with your doctor.
This is not the gym yoga that most people are used to seeing and to doing. This is Kundalini Yoga which is very therapeutic.
But, only your doctor who knows your situation and can advise you as to what is safe for you.
As far as capability, everyone is capable of doing Kundalini Yoga in a chair, but get permission from your doctor first.

What sort of exercises will I do in class?
Most postures/exercises are a movement repetition for 3-5 minutes, such as turn your head left then right while breathing slowly and deeply, or turn your torso left/right slowly with the breath.
One of my favorites is spinal flex where we sit tall and straight, then flex the spine forward then back with the slow breath.
It's great for warming up the spine, especially in the morning. To start, your spinal flex movement might be only a quarter or an eighth of an inch. Your flexibility and comfort will decide the limit.
My belief is that it is better to move a little than not to move at all..... and your are miles ahead of the person not movin (as long as your doctor says it will not cause injury).
Each time you come to class, you decide how far you turn in a twist or a flex, how fast, and how long you do it.
Resting in the exercise and resuming when you are ready is standard procedure in this style of yoga.

When can I start classes?
Check the schedule for a class near you, get permission from your doctor, and come to class.
If you do not have a class onthe schedule near you, email Ty@VitalLifeYoga.com and discuss your need for a class near you.

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you are not a mind,
you are not a body.
You are the controller of all three.

-- Yogi Bhajan