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Weight Management Workshop

According to the surgeon General, approximately 300,000 deaths each year in the U.S. may be attributable to obesity. Overweight and obesity are associated with heart disease, certain types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, stroke, arthritis, breathing problems and psychological disorders, such as depression. If your doctor has told you to lose weight, it is because your weight may be putting you at risk for serious health issues.

A Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology report studied 60 women who were at least 20% overweight. The women who participated in hypnosis lost an average of 17 pounds while the control group lost only a half pound on average.

What's wrong with dieting?

The inherent problem with dieting is the extreme focus on the foods that you are eating rather than on helping you change the way you think about food. Eating habits are deeply ingrained in our sub-conscious mind. Without changing those habits, dieters become frustrated and soon give up. The revolutionary anti-diet approach that has already helped thousands of people lose weight successfully is hypnosis. It can work for you too.

The Key to Change

The subconscious mind often stores negative thoughts or behaviors that can trigger destructive habits. Over-weight people, unable to change these habits, fight a lifelong struggle with weight. The most effective way to overcome this obstacle is to reprogram the subconscious mind through hypnosis.

Overweight people already know the right things to do; they just don't know how to make new behaviors into habits. By using hypnosis to bypass the conscious mind, we lay the foundation for new healthy habits.

Think like a thin person

Hypnosis is the tool to redirect the subconscious mind. You lose weight and keep it off long term because you change your whole relationship with food, mentally as well as physically. Once you've successfully replaced your old habits with positive new ones, you never have to think about dieting because your weight is no longer an issue.

Research proves Hypnosis works!!!

In recent studies published in medical journals, hypnosis has been shown to be a successful tool for weight loss. Subjects in behavioral treatment programs for weight management that included hypnosis lost significantly more weight than subjects whose treatment plan did not include hypnosis.

More and more people seeking a positive approach to long-term weight loss have sought out hypnosis with amazing results. Long-term success is the reason doctors refer their patience for hypnosis.

Programming for success

Your attitude toward food, overeating and related satisfactions will be altered to reduce the conceived importance of food as it relates to feelings of well being.

Your food interests and tastes will be modified to increase the desire for healthy foods with appropriate nutrition and reduce the desire for foods high in fats. Emphasis will be placed on such matters as portion control and "feeling full on less".

With hypnosis we increase the ability to absorb suggestion. Ineffective destructive behavior is replaced effortlessly by healthier behavior and people start to lose weight, stop smoking or reduce stress and finally see resolution to some previously life-long battles. Hypnotherapy has become more popular and many hospitals have incorporated hypnosis into their treatments.

Weight Loss Workshop

Want to lose weight? Why add stress by trying to go it alone. Hypnosis is the scientifically proven best alternative to achieve fast and forever results.

Change your eating behaviors and lose weight with this very affordable new program.

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