Private Sessions

Manage Stress

Stress is a natural part of life. But, our reactions to stress affect our body and mind.
Fear, worry, anxiety, depression. These are resulting pressures from patterns in our reactions to stress. You do not have to stuck with them forever.
How you cope to stress is a reaction you can control.

Exchange your worries for new outlooks
Create positive responses to both avoidable and unavoidable stress

Life is so much more enjoyable when stress ceases to be a burden and becomes a simple catalyst to personal growth.

Learn how to:
Gain new perspective
Find balance in life
Manage situations that create anxiety
Increase relaxation
Create a mindful approach to just about any situation
Improve energy levels
Increase self-confidence

INITIAL CONSULTATION - in person, by phone, Skype, or email.
A discussion to understand your habits, work and lifestyle, and individual circumstances to develop your personalized Plan for Positive Change.

Scheduled for 90-minutes to allow the opportunity to get to know you better and to better understand your circumstances and your goals.
This first session will directly address your challenges and set you on a path to personal transformation.
All of your personal hypnosis sessions will be recorded for you for reinforcement and motivation after you leave. This allows you to listen and work your program, when and where you feel most relaxed and comfortable.

Scheduled for 60-minutes to allow a review of your progress and identify where you need support.
All of your personal hypnosis sessions will be recorded for you to reinforce your goals and to empower and accelerate your success.

Your final session brings everything together and lays the foundation for lasting well-being.
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Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.

-- Jim Rohn