Restorative Hypnosis

Meditation, Hypnosis, and Gentle Movement all trigger a relaxation response that is quantifiable and considered healthful.

Restorative Hypnosis class - move, breath, and relax
We all have different life scripts according to the programming from our experience and beliefs.
Understanding the power of the mind and how our subconscious programming and habits are formed will give you the power to rewrite your life script.
This knowledge can make all the difference in the world in creating success, happiness and prosperity.
Restorative Hypnosis helps you gain a better understanding of your life script and allows you opportunities to change that script to suit your needs and values of today.
Change your thoughts, change your life.
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Board Certified Hypnotist

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Start by doing what's necessary;
then, do what's possible;
and suddently, you are doing the impossible.

-- Saint Francis of Assisi