Past Life Regression

Learn about and experience a past life

Why explore your past lives?
Fears that seem irrational
Deja Vu experinces
Yearning for certain places
Someone you just met seem stoo familiar
A connection to someone or something that you cannot explain
Pure curiosity

Do you have issues or blocks that cannot be explained by events in your current lifetime?
Can you heal from remembering a past life?
Or are you just curious to see if you have lived before, in a different time, a different place?
During this group meditation you will have the opportunity to visit a prior time and place that may give you information about questions that have puzzled you.
Or, just for fun, visit the time/space continuum for a different perspective!
You are a multi-dimensional being and have the ability to access your alternative realities.
Give yourself the opportunity to access these realms and discover information that you can't discover any other way!

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For insomniacs, sleep is a learned behavior

-- Dr. Richard T. Bosshardt