Finding Solutions

Finding a Solution Using Hypnosis

Guiding yourself to a solution is like following a map
Your subconsious knows the route through the various steps. All you need to do is get your consciousness out of the way.

The Problem:
I have a task that needs to be performed but the method alludes me. I look at the problem and wonder, what to do? Where to start? How do I manipulate my surroundings for this job to see fruition? Knowing what I have to accomplish my task, the process starts.

The Strategy:
The best approach to finding a solution is to sit back and relax and let the unconscious "I" work it out. Mindfully playing with the variables at hand, I hold the problem in focus, then let it go.

The Work:
My responsibility is to insure that my physical body is relaxed, my emotions are at peace and my mind is still. In this state of openness, I wait, remaining attentive to the images that float through my consciousness, unconcerned yet curious.

The Process:
As a thought, an impression or a feeling, my higher self, "I" releases the solution to my problem, which is as exacting as a mathematical formula. The solution seeks fertile ground on which to land so that it can complete the communicative process. It is through my mind, my emotions and my physical body that the result is delivered.

The Reward:
"I" releases the solution on it's journey to me. As if being set afloat on sound waves, the solution must successfully pass through each part of me to be physically realized.
From "I" it goes through my unknown self, interacting with my hidden self, gaining vibratory momentum and adjusting itself so that it can best be acknowledged by me.
The solution floats out from the subconscious like the sweet return of a long lost friend.
As the solution lands on the fertile soil of my mind, I am awakened to the mental stimulation. The solution gains strength as it sifts through my emotional self. I begin to feel the answer rise. Mental pictures and images interact with feelings and hunches as the solution finds its voice. Then, my physical self can fully absorb the solution integrating into my consciousness and I am able to manifest the solution so gracefully given by my higher self.

All conscious problems have solutions. All solutions are known to our unconscious selves. All we need to do is relax, trust, and allow the process to complete.
Simple yet complex, just follow your map.
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