The ultimate purpose of practicing meditation is to experience the essential oneness of you and the entire universe. But you don't have to want enlightenment to benefit from it. You can practice meditation as mental development, honing your concentration powers and an ability to stay focused on whatever you want, for as long as you want. You can meditate for physical development - to lower blood pressure, reduce muscular tension, improve your posture and sleep better. Meditation is also very useful for emotional development, as it calms and stabilizes the mind, connecting you to your essential inner peace independent of causes and conditions.

So meditation can be profitably participated in without a greater spiritual interest.
Like hypnosis, it is non-denominational and does not conflict with any religious beliefs.
In many fundamental ways, meditation and hypnosis are akin, usually involving a narrowing of the focus of attention to one's internal experience.

In meditation this is done to explore the nature and functioning of the mind, while in hypnosis to more easily receive and integrate positive suggestions for change and self betterment.

I use and lead many different methods of meditation including Vipassana (mindfulness and insight), as well as mantra meditation, movement meditation, and Yoga Nidra.


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