Enjoy the restorative and calming benefits of meditation
Enjoy a deeper meditation by use of hypnotic induction.
Guided meditation is a way of enhancing detachment.

Guided meditation can help those who have never meditated before or those who are learning,
by helping them reach the desired state quickly and more easily.
Hypno-Meditation is a powerful combination of hypnosis and guided meditation

Meditation is about eliminating conscious thought, so that one reaches a state of stillness of thought and inner peace. Hypnosis is a natural ability that most humans beings possess to go into a state of trance. Many people find it difficult to "stop" their thoughts, so hypno-meditation can provide a perfect solution.

During the hypno-meditation session, you are simply guided to experience a scene that you enjoy or feel comfortable with. Maybe, you are taken on a richly detailed journey to your favourite beach, your favourite country walk, or another experience where you feel really relaxed and safe. The scene is described in rich sensory-filled detail, so for instance, if your favourite relaxed place is a beach, you could be guided to feel the breeze against your face, to smell the salt air, to hear the sounds of seabirds, etc.

The effects of Hypno-Meditation are powerful. Because of experiencing a deeply relaxed and tranquil state so vividly in your mind, you can automatically feel less stressed, less tired, less negative. Because you free your mind of intrusive thoughts, you are teaching your subconscious mind that it is ok to let go of all of those thoughts for a while. You may feel the effects in your health, your general sense of wellbeing, your calmness and your resources to deal with everyday stresses and strains.

Hypno-Meditation is the perfect antidote to stress, especially from a busy lifestyle.


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I do not fix problems.
I fix thinking.
Then, problems fix themselves.

-- Louise Hay