Improve Memory

Improve Memory with Hypnosis
Memory, Concentration, and Focus

In a world of ever increasing, and demanding, distractions, many people are finding it difficult to keep their attention on the things they need to be focusing on. This makes them less productive and creative - and more dissatisfied.

Handle distractions better
Pay more attention
Reclaiming the ability to enter a state of undivided attention at will
Discover how it feels to be acting in a way that is fully present, and fully concentrated
Accelerate studying
Improve concentration
Improve listening skills
Increase focus
Help with exams
Improved reading retention

With hypnosis, you can ensure that new patterns of thought and behavior become steadily more deeply embedded and a natural part of how you live you life

Visualize improving your recall with self hypnosis

Have you ever noticed how you might be trying to remember something and the harder you try to remember the more difficult it becomes until you just give up trying? And later, when you thought you'd forgotten all about trying to remember, the information you wanted just popped into your mind?

Well, of course we know that the information was there the whole of the time but you were experiencing what Emile Coue termed as the "Law of Reversed Effect"

And of course we all know how the mind can wander when we are feeling relaxed and all sorts of memories can flow up into conscious awareness.

So, using for memory techniques makes sense. In fact, many accelerated learning programs such as speed reading to develop a photographic memory actually use a state of altered consciousness similar to hypnosis (although they don't usually tell you so), instead they may talk about Alpha and Theta states.

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I do not fix problems.
I fix thinking.
Then, problems fix themselves.

-- Louise Hay