Self Talk

Self Talk (or Mind Chatter) is comprised of thoughts that only we hear. They start in our head and ride that constant flow of consciousness that runs through our mind, day and night. Self-talk is then reflected in our outer lives via our words and actions.

We tend to dwell out Self Talk on negative matters projected into the future.
When we hear these thoughts enough, we actually start to believe them.
They create concern, worry, dread, fear.
WIth enough dedicated Self Talk, they can subconsciously become our reality.

Imagine giving this belabored negative thoughts outward attention at a conscious level.
We can lean to catch them thoughts and create anchors that may be able to deflect those undesired thoughts before they bury themselves deeply into our being and become our reality.

We can learn to bring ourselves to be at peace.
When at peace, we can handle most any situation that comes our way.
When at peace, we can find that real connection with our inner selves.
When at peace, we live to our fullest.

How well is the framework of your inner thoughts constructed?
Learn to send peace and love your way and build the you that you admire ... through the purposeful recognition and redirection of self-talk.
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Start by doing what's necessary;
then, do what's possible;
and suddently, you are doing the impossible.

-- Saint Francis of Assisi