Reduce Anxiety

Hypnosi for Anxiety
Regain Your Calm

Many people need to reduce anxiety in their day to day experiences. Anxiety is a really useful survival tool designed to help us respond to danger immediately; even before our conscious awareness is able to.

However, if our alertness is too often triggered, then we can lose the ability to feel relaxed, calm and refreshed.

Using self hypnosis, anxiety can be reduced massively, and you learn skills to manage and to take back control from your unhelpful feelings.
General Anxiety Disorder

If we have spent too much time on edge, doctors can diagnose a condition called General Anxiety disorder (GAD), whereby the patient has forgotten how to relax. People who experience this are permanently on edge, finding decision making almost impossiible.

Vicious Circle of Anxiety

This condition has major implication for health as many of the chemicals which work together to create this sense of anxiety, when too prevalent in the body, can have massive implication on the life expectancy of someone experiencing GAD. The increased heart rate stemming from the release of adrenaline puts increased pressure on the heart. This increased energy also impacts on the patient's ability to have undisrupted sleep and may use these sleepless nights to dwell on their source of anxiety. This dwelling, ironically, creates the release of even more adrenaline and leads to a vicious cycle of further anxiety.


Hypnosis is a very effective treatment to help you reduce anxiety, get back in control and feeling calm and confident again.

Anxiety hypnosis can support by helping you to find and to stay calm, aiding with breathing exercises to avoid panic and also to access positive feelings when they are most needed.

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