List Etiquette

A few housekeeping reminders:

Please remember to politely phrase your requests for assistance. Everyone on the L is a volunteer and has a full-time (paying!) job, so the wonderful answers that we get usually take someone away from that regular job. We do see a lot of requests for NPR reports, attributes and the like, so keep in mind that someone had to work hard to be able to share with you. Don't make a request sound like a demand. You'll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, as my dear Mama used to say.

Please don't send "post to the L" messages. And please DO post answers to the List so that we can all benefit.

Make your subject line as clear as possible - include your version of Meditech (Magic, C/S, 5.62, etc) as well as a module, when possible (BAR, NUR, etc). This makes it easier for everyone to efficiently manage the number of messages that we have some days. It also means nobody has to email and ask, "Magic or C/S?" which is a waste of time and resources.

Yes, the list is "text only", so pictures don't show up. That means you can't send a screen shot for an example. No, we're not going to debate this again. :-) It is what it is. Screen shots and other attachments may make it to the original requester, but usually not to the entire list.

.npr attachments are accepted through the list filters, so you can send .npr reports.

Our list represents a huge number of facilities as well as vendors. I imagine that virtually every department within a hospital is also represented, so there is a variety of topics and posts. Explain your issue as clearly as possible so that the most number of readers will be able to assist you.

As is everywhere on the internet (except Meditech), writing with CAPS ON is the equivalent of YELLING AT SOMEONE. We're a clinical, financial, administrative and techie bunch, so following a few basic guidelines helps get your message across to everyone.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Contact Admin: Gil Arnold

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