Common Questions

Why am I getting multiple (duplicate) copies of messages?
If you are getting duplicate messages, one of several things might be occurring.
1) you have two addresses subscribed to the list and both are directed to the same email box
2) someone else's email has been routed to your email box (did someone leave your facility and their email got routed to you to handle?) - Talk with your local email admin

Why am I not getting any messages from the list?
PROBLEM: Your address got unsubscribed form the list.
POSSIBLE CAUSE: If you local email system bounced too many of the meditech-l messages with a short time frame (for any reason), The Mailman might auto unsubscribe your email address.
FIX: Resubscribe

PROBLEM: Your email address is subscribed, but no messages are arriving in your email box.
POSSIBLE CAUSE: Many email systems consider the meditech-l messages to be SPAM and will filter them out of your incoming email.
FIX: Check with your local email administrator about the possibility of the messages being filtered out as SPAM. Ask that messages from the list be authorized to pass.
If the admin can't help you, I suggest that you unsubscibe your work email address, create a free account on, and subscribe that email address. is very friendly with the email list and will not prevent you from receiving your email from the meditech-l.

Excessive Bounces.. What does this mean?
If you receive a message stating that your address is generating excessive bounces, this means that your local email server is refusing to accept messages from the meditech-l.
This can be caused by various issues such as mail box full, inactive email account, SPAM filter, etc. Take the message to your local email admin. They can research the cause for you.
If your account gets disabled during this time, just go to your account and re-enable it.
Another option is to open a free email account at You will get an email address Subscribe your address to the meditech-l and unsubscrinbe your old email address. Google or gmail will not refuse your messages from the meditech-l email list.
Contact Admin: Gil Arnold

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