Meditation and Hypnosis both trigger a relaxation response that is quantifiable and considered healthful.

HypnoMeditation - effortless deep guided meditation
Trance and Meditation are both deep states of physical relaxation
The differences are in the mental aspects of the states.
In meditation, the goal is to calm the mind, remove the chatter, quiet the outside world. To achieve this state, can be very challenging.
In trance, a person is relaxed into an artificially induced altered state of consciousness. The state resembles sleep, but the mind becomes highly focused and responsive to suggestion.

HypnoMeditation is designed to assist you in accessing states of deep calm which allow for personal transformation and healing.
Each HypnoMeditation offers a different experience built around specific intentions and goals.
After your session with the guided HypnoMeditation you typically will feel renewed and refreshed.
By actively listening to the HypnoMeditations, new awareness and capabilities emerge.
It is not uncommon for individuals to experience positive and profound changes in day-to-day life.
Included in each session is an hypnotic induction, a guided visualization, and a series of affirmations to instill change at your subconscious level.

Enjoy an inner journey that allows you to experience expansive states of inner peace and offers suggestions that support you in attaining an inner place of deep restoration and expansive self-empowerment.
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