Meditation for Positive Change

Hypno-Meditation or Meditation with Intention

Process of guiding you into a deep meditative state with the instruction of positive affirmations/suggestions to carry with you, back into the conscious state.

Change your thoughts.... Change your life....

Create motivation
Resolve stress with deep relaxation
Facilitate healing of stress-related illnesses
Promote the Relaxation Response in your body
improve mood, relationships, study and test taking
Increase confidence, self-esteem, sleep better
Be a better parent, more patient

Make positive change in your life

Each session will focus on various changes that can help us all, including reducing stress, building confidence, regaining personal power, improving memory, ego strengthening, ameliorating anxiety, promoting healing, reducing anger, finding more balance in life.

If there are any specific changes that you would like addressed, please contact me at

The Mind Body approach to Self-Improvement

Release deep tensions and holdings in the whole body-mind through profound physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

This is a radically different approach - no forcing, no pushing. Learning to relax so profoundly that you tap into a higher consciousness, while at the same time, the body lets go of ever-deeper levels of fear and tension that can result in pain and illness. This releases the gripping hold on limiting beliefs, rigid ideas of self and fixation on unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviors.

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