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Meditation for Positive Change

Hypno-Meditation or Meditation with Intention

Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop
Mindfulness is the ability to be aware of your thoughts and emotions without judging them. But do you know how it can impact your work, creativity, productivity, and your personal life?

Research is showing us that there are mental and physiological perks to mindfulness and meditation. People who practice mindfulness might actually sport a little more grey matter (which is a good thing) than their peers who shy away from trying. Mindfulness can improve our creativity, build skills needed for peak performance and dynamic leadership, and even help us sleep better. Who couldn't use that?

An Introduction to Mindfulness will tell you:
What it is and is not
The formal practice of mindfulness: what's involved
Mindfulness of the breath, body, emotions, and thinking
How to bring mindfulness into your daily life and work

Who is this workshop for?
Anyone who is interested in exploring Mindfulness (no prior experience necessary)
Anyone who wants greater creative focus and clarity
Individuals who are experiencing challenging work or personal situations
Those who want to communicate more effectively
Anyone who wants to be more productive and less distracted
Anyone who wants enjoy their work and life more.
This class is suited for all levels of experience.

Reduce stress
Help battle anxiety
Learn the power of responding vs. reacting Improve sleep
Develop a greater self-awareness
Improve communication skills
Enhance motivation and influence
Develop better decision-making skills

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The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.

-- Marcus Aurelius