Stress Reduction Workshop

Release Stress - Achieve Relaxation

Stress Management always begins with the breath. The mind and body are connected, what affects one, affects the other. You have the power within you to activate the calming systems within your body. Relaxation techniques including breath awareness, progressive muscle relaxation and visualization help to reduce stress, provide self-control and enforce wellness. Relaxation techniques are easy to learn and do but they require practice and commitment to be effective.

Stress has become a way of life in our society. Some stress in life isn't avoidable, some is. Some stress is actually good stress, motivating us to get things done, however, excessive stress limits performance and blocks decision making.

In this workshop, I give you many options to deal with stress in your life. You can choose the ones that work best for you. All these techniques are easy to learn and do, however, they require practice and commitment to be effective. But, your effort is rewarded with better health and more fulfilling life.

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"I found this workshop to be very beneficial in helping me deal with stressful events.
I learned practical techniques that I immediately started to use.
Thank you, Ty"
~ J Huskey

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