Positive Change Hypnosis

Achieve Your Greatest Potential
Put aside negative habits and emotions, fears, doubts, anxieties and self-limiting concepts while enjoying the experience of profound relaxation.

Hypnosis will help you to rediscover your innate truth, beauty, goodness, commitment and achieve your greatest potential.
Make Profound Change
When most people think of hypnosis, they picture a performer standing on stage, a dangling pocket watch in hand, someone clucking like a chicken, which can be great comic entertainment.
But, there is a science behind Hypnosis.

Hypnosis allows you to focus inward in a relaxed, open attitude in order to make profound changes.

How does Positive Change Hypnosis Work?
Hypnosis is a natural state, which you drift in and out of every day. All of us experience hypnosis, as we begin to wake in the morning or fall asleep at night. Positive Change Hypnosis is used to intentionally create these moments in time, so that you can make the changes in life that you desire.

The Positive Change Hypnosis method is my approach to personalized hypnosis to help people meet their goals. It remedies an array of life-challenges-- like weight management, managing stress and anxiety, sharpening mental focus, overcoming sleep issues, and tobacco cessation (smoking, dipping, chewing) -- a method to guide you to optimal vitality and well-being.

To help my clients form new thoughts and responses to situations, Positive Change Hypnosis follows a process of relaxation and guided visualization. In this deeply relaxed and peaceful state, you will put your conscious mind on hold and set the day's distractions aside. It is then that your mind becomes free to imagine, focus and concentrate on the positive steps you would like to make in your life.

In a Positive Change Hypnosis personal session, I will spend time with you to listen to your challenges, your desired areas of focus, and the words and thoughts that are most important to you. Then, you will be guided to a state of deep relaxation. Much like you drift into a day-dream, you will have the same awareness and be fully in control.

When you're fully relaxed, I will offer you the new, deliberately focused script -- which we developed together -- to prompt the behavior change you seek. While you will be deeply and clearly focused on the ideas and suggestions presented, this does not mean that a hypnotist can control your mind and free will. Just the opposite, hypnosis is the means for you to train your mind to make the choices you want and reinforce the habits you desire. For many clients, change happens quickly and is sustained, as you practice a new routine of self-coaching and mindfulness.

It is hard for smokers to change their behavior to quit smoking. But it is not as hard for heart attack victims to quit smoking in order to survive. The difference is how they see themselves and feel about what they are doing. There is a paradigm-shift in the thinking and feeling that motivates positive behavior. Being addicted to saturated fat and starchy carbohydrates is not unlike smoking.
Positive Change Hypnosis endeavors to influence the paradigm-shift.

Hypnosis works by identifying what behaviors you want to change and replacing those old thoughts and routines with a new script of your creation.
Is it not time that you wrote your new script?

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If you change the way you look at things... the things you look at change,

-- Wayne Dyer