About Ty Arnold

As an agent for positive change, Ty Arnold successfully coaches people to achieve their success using various modalities for change....

Change limiting behaviours and dysfunctional habits (overeating, smoking, nail biting, hair pulling etc.)
Improve your health (manage stress, learn the way to your relaxation response, sleep well, lower blood pressure, headaches, etc.)
Remove irrational fears and worries (public speaking, flying, driving, examinations, etc.)
Achieve your most important goals in life (career, sports, school, financial, relationships, etc.)

Ty's interest in hypnosis from his experiences with meditation, when he was faced with a life crisis due to stress.
He was confronted with his mortality, and BioFeedback training (which was his first exposure to meditation) saved his life.
This started a 35 year pathway for Ty that lead him to Kundalini yoga, Mindful Tai Chi, Restorative Qigong, mindful meditation, and self-hypnosis. All of these tools help us fulfill our lives. Let Ty help you find which ones work for you.

Ty considers continual learning a key factor in his success with hypnosis subjects.
He enjoys offering classes and workshops that teach people how to help themselves with positive changes in their lives.

Let Ty be your guide to resolving whatever is preventing you from being your best.

If you have a question on how these tools could help you, send Ty a message at Ty@ChangeCoachTy.com

Certifications and Trainings

Kundalini Yoga - 2018
Certified Teacher - KRI - Kundalini Research Institute

Core Transformation - 2016
Michael Watson, Clinical HypnoTherapist, Phoenix Services, Orlando, FL

NLP - NeuroLinguistic Programming - 2016
Michael Watson, Master Trainer - NeuroLinguistc Programming , Phoenix Services, Orlando, FL

Phoenix Smoking Cessation Program - 2015
Certified Program Facilitator - Michael Watson, Clinical HypnoTherapist, Phoenix Services, Orlando, FL

Hypnosis - 2015
Certified Consulting Hypnotist - International Association of Counselors and Therpists (IACT)
Member of the Hypnosis Education Asssociation
Michael Watson, Clinical HypnoTherapist, Phoenix Services, Orlando, FL

Therapeutic Qigong - 2015
Certified Teacher - Dr Aihan Kuhn, Natural Healing Institute, Sarasota, FL

Tai Chi for Arthritis - 2014
Certified Teacher - Tai Chi for Health Institute, Narwee, New South Wales, Australia

Ayurveda Natural Health System- 2014
Certified Practitioner - Adi Shakti Enterprises, Altamonte Springs, FL

Kundalini Yoga - 2014
Certified Teacher - Adi Shakti Enterprises, Altamonte Springs, FL
achieved 500 RYT - Yoga Alliance

Yin Yoga - 2014
Cerified Teacher - Yoga University, Altamonte Springs, FL

Reiki - Level 1 - 2013
Certified Level 1 Practitioner - Rachel Chase

Hypnosis - 2013
Healthy Alternatives Hypnosis Training Institute, Eustice, FL
Board Certified with the The National Board of Professional Ethics
Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists

Hatha Yoga - 2012
Cerified Teacher - Empath Yoga School, Longwood, FL
achieved 200 RYT - Yoga Alliance

Yoga Nidra Meditation - 2012
Certified Facilitator - Amrit Yoga Institute, Salt Springs. FL
Proud member of:
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Board Certified Hypnotist

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

-- Ty