Please Donate

From time to time, I reach out for help..... actually, call it, beg for money.
If you have ever received any help from the meditech-l, please consider
donating some money to help keep it going. The meditech-l is not
owned/supported by any vendor. It is a private project, managed 100% by
volunteers (my sincere gratitude goes to Julia, Paul and Andrew for keeping
it going day to day). They keep so much effort off my plate that I
cannot thank them enough.

Many years ago, when it was only 600 subscribers, I took the list on as a
hobby.... funded the list totally from my pocket for years. As the list
grew (now, over 3700 subscribers), the list has needed more resources and
more effort to keep it running efficiently.

Of course, the primary help is responding to questions from other users. Please keep that support coming.
Just as important is for you to make a financial donation.... If I do not receive your financial help, there may come a day when I cannot continue the L.
If every user would donate $5, the list would be supported for many years. But, 99% of the users never have never made any donation.
Please make a donation and ask all of your friends if they have donated.
So, please dig deep and make a donation (even $5 helps, especially if everyone gave $5)

Donations can be made in two ways:
1) Click on this link and make a donation via PayPal (the secure method payment that is owned by eBay)
The account is in my formal name which is Tyrus Arnold. I found it too difficult to get PayPal to change it to my nickname Gil.
2) Email me at and ask for my address, if you would like to mail a check.

Thanks in advance.

Contact Admin: Gil Arnold

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